/ "Kaleidoscope of wind instruments" and "Brassologiya"

"Kaleidoscope of wind instruments" and "Brassologiya"

In October, 2016 Brandt Brass Ensemble will participate in the International musical festival "Music without Borders" by the invitation of the Creative association "NOTA BENE". Within the Ensemble festival will give two concerts. On October 12 participation in a concert "Koleydoskop of wind instruments". Concert of bright and incendiary wind collectives: The quartet of flutes "Rendezvous", the St. Petersburg ensemble of saxophones (the artistic director – Serafima Verkholat), Ensembles of brass wind instruments "Brandt Brass", Saratov (the artistic director – Oleg Abramov) and "Olympic Brass" (the artistic director – Alexey Stepanov) and on October 14 a solo concert of ensemble of "Brassologiya" the Beautiful platform for a concert: a magnificent situation, the hall with remarkable acoustics. We wait for you at our concerts! 


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