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ITA Journal, January 2008

Brandt Brass Premiere Ewazen Work

Brandt Brass invited Eric Ewazen to play the world premiere of Saratov Suite at the Saratov Conservatory Hall in Russia. The conservatory was founded in 1912 in Saratov, situated on the Volga River approximately 850 kilometers east of Moscow. All the members of Brandt Brass graduated from Saratov Conservatory. The concert premiere program consisted entirely of Ewazen`s music. It was held on September 11, 2007, the date that was a tragedy for all Americans. In memory of that event, the leader of Brandt Brass, Oleg Abramov, performed Ewazen`s A Hymn for the Lost and Living for trombone and piano. Following this tribute, more of Ewazen`s music was performed, followed by the world premiere of Saratov Suite in four movements, conducted by the composer. This suite is about the city of Saratov, the Volga River, the park Lipky the Cathedral, and Gagarin`s museum. In spite of the fact that Ewazen had never before visited Russia, Brandt Brass had described the city so well to him that the composer`s musical interpretation was described as "brilliant" by the group

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