/ A visit to the Festival of Brass Music “Sauerland-Herbst 2007” (Germany)

A visit to the Festival of Brass Music “Sauerland-Herbst 2007” (Germany)

This year in October there was the biggest world’s brass festival“Sauerland-Herbst 2007” in Germany. The financial support to this festival was given by some German industrial plants whose territory was widely used for the most of the concerts. 

Germany has developed very strong brass music traditions. Its musical culture is kept on a very high level, and that is why the festival takes place here every year. Famous brass bands, ensembles and soloists from various countries take part in it: German Brass, Canadian Brass, Boston Brass, London Brass, Spanish Brass, Pro Brass, Allen Vizzutti, Steven Mead, Reinhold Friedrich, Jens Lindemann and many others. This year such world’s-famous stars as James Morrison, Mnozil Brass and Women in Brass also took part in it. 

Its concert in Germany Brandt Brass opened with the Mussorgsky’s works. Among them there were “The Dawn on the Moscow-River” (from the “Khovanshina”) and symphony fantasy “A Night on the Bald Hill”. The audience (especially those who appreciate classical music) highly appreciated the performance of Brandt Brass. There were also some works of modern composers which were specially written for the Brandt Brass – “Tchastuchka” by A.Gilev (Russia) and “Saratov Suite” by E.Ewazen (the USA), which were also quite popular with the audience. There were also world’s premieres. Among them : play “At the tritone’s” by Michael Kheifetz, the composer from Saratov and suite “State of Mind” by D. Rager (the USA). 

The audience could not stop listening to the Brandt Brass and the musicians had to play once again “encore!”. The concert pleased and gave satisfaction not only to the audience and performers but to the organizers too.

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