/ International festival «Brass Days» Moscow

International festival «Brass Days» Moscow

On November 2, 2016 in the Rakhmaninovsky hall of the Moscow conservatory within 6 International "Brass Deys" festivals - a parade of brass ensembles: judges of copper wind art will be able to appreciate skill a breast stroke collectives. Brandt Brass Ensemble will make the solo program in the first department of a concert and also together with A. Saltanov, L. Guryev, V. Lavrik. Execution of legendary "Bolero" of Ravel which will unite participants of a concert in a big summary brass ensemble will become a bright final point of a concert.

"This festival has the remarkable purposes to provide the younger generation of talented musicians and eminent masters. The Moscow conservatory expresses support to holding a festival of copper wind art of "Brass Days" which has every chance to take the place of one of the best festivals of the country!"
Rector of MSC of P. I. Tchaikovsky, Honored worker of arts, professor A. S. Sokolov

"In every possible way I support holding such festival at us in the country. It is sure that "Brass Days" will involve great interest of public in wind art in Russia".
People's artist of Russia Denis Matsuyev

"The Yamaha company is proud of the fact that it acts many years as the partner of such significant festival as "Brass Days". It is really this holiday for all admirers of wind music. For the Yamaha Myuzik company a great honor to make the contribution to development of the Russian wind art".
CEO of the LLC Yamaha Musik company Mister Jiro Ohno

"The Brass Days festival this important event not only for admirers of brass wind instruments, but also for fans of music in general. I wish to a festival of further development and new interesting opening!"
Sergey Nakaryakov

"The breast stroke movement in the countries of Europe and America exists for a long time and very actively develops! Worldwide seminars and master classes in summer a breast stroke schools, camps and campings are regularly held... I am very glad, as in Russia the festival of copper wind art appeared and we begin to gain strength. The international festival "Brass Days" is very important event not only for the Russian cultural life and its history, but also for further development of copper wind art in our country!"
Arkady Shilkloper

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