/ Yuriy Dolgov

He was born in 1977 in Engels (Saratov region) and got involved in music at the age of 12. He took part in a children’s brass band ‘Golden Trumpets’ conducted by V.A. Akopyan.


In 1992 he entered Saratov musical college in the class of V.G. Sokolov, Honoured Culture Worker of the Russian Federation. In 1997 Mr. Dolgov became a student of Saratov State –°onservatory named after L.V. Sobinov to study trombone in the class of Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Federation, Professor B.G. Manzhora.


Having graduated from the conservatory Yuriy Dolgov became a soloist of the orchestra of Saratov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.


In 2003 he took part in Brandt Brass Ensemble which was the first musical band in Russia to work professionally in the genre of ten man brass.


In different years he attended master-classes of the following musicians: A. Shilkloper, R. Bobo, W. Gaag, M. Hoevs, M. Massong, V. Sumerkin, A. Skobelev, and many others.


Laureate of the following competitions: 

- Kazan, 2004, 1st Russian Brass Ensembles Competition, trombone quartet, 2nd place laureate;

- Ekaterinburg, 2007, 2nd International Trumpet Players Competition in honour of V.I. Schiolokov, Brandt Brass Ensemble, Grand Prix, special prize ‘For keeping and development of traditions of brass wind instruments playing’.


Worked with the following conductors: M. Rostropovich, Yu. Simonov, R. Matsov, Yu. Kochnev, D. Fisher, B. Ecklund, and many others.


Went on tour in: Russia, Spain, Germany, Thailand, Switzerland,South Korea, Greece, and Kazakhstan

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